Linea Mini

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Color: Stainless steel
Linea Mini Specs


Semi automatic paddle

Barista lights
LED lighting allows you to focus on your extaraction and the cup.

Dual boilers
Separate boilers optimize espresso brewing and steam production.

Integrated brew group
A combined boiler and brew group achieve thermal stability in a reduced footprint.

Hot water spout
Convenient spout for rinsing portafilter between shots.

Thermal stability system
As water passes through each feature, temperature is further stabilized.

Internal pump
Self contained rotary pump without compromising performance.

Water reservoir 2,5lt
A self-contained 2 liter water reservoir makes plumbing optional.

PID control
Stepped temperature wheel allows for user adjustment.

Pro touch steam wand
High performing steam wand that remains always cool to the touch thanks to thermal insulation.

Home App connectable
The La Marzocco Home Mobile App connects the home machine and the home barista in ways never before possible. When using the app, the phone becomes a new display for the machine.


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Color: Stainless steel
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Linea Mini

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linea mini color: stainless steel